Nicole Watson, LGSW

Nicole Watson, LGSW


Nicole specializes in addiction and mental health, because she has a passion to share the messages and secrets of healing with others. "I personally know the struggles of healing with addiction, mental health, and trauma, and I too have been on the healing journey."

For the people wanting and open to the healing work, Nicole enjoys being the mirror to them, to all their issues, and their problems. "I find reward in seeing people's light shine again when they come out of the deep dark places."

‚ÄčThe healing work is all about helping them to make new discoveries, a space to heal on their own, and to see what has been unseen before.

Nicole is also a firm believer that trauma and addiction go hand and hand. "It too effects our bodies. A lot of times clients are unaware of that early in their recovery, and they have been using substances to cope for years. I am driven to teach my clients about the mind body connection by the teaching and exploring of somatics, negative thoughts, unconventional coping skills, i.e., such as breathworks, and by exploring safety and its meaning within themselves. Seeing other people's light shine again and finding themselves is the fuel to why I do this healing work."

‚ÄčTo schedule with Nicole, you can contact her at 715-817-8105