Prioritize Your Mental and Emotional Needs

Prioritize Your Mental and Emotional Needs

Contact us for individual or couples counseling services in Duluth or Cloquet, MN

Relationships are essential, but the relationship you have with yourself should be prioritized. The therapists at Birch and Pine Counseling can help you assess your feelings, behaviors and triggers, so you can learn to face the world more confidently.

We have offices in Duluth and Cloquet, MN, and we offer:

  • Individual counseling services
  • Couples counseling services
  • Family counseling services

Even if you're in a stable place in your life, individual or couples counseling can provide lots of benefits. We can also teach you and your family healthy communication and conflict resolution skills to ensure everyone is heard and feels validated throughout the therapeutic process.

See how we can help you

Whether you need marriage or individual counseling services, our therapists are here to help. We provide treatment plans for those dealing with:

  • Relationship problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • ADHD

Contact Birch and Pine Counseling today to learn more about our treatment options. You can schedule a session in Duluth or Cloquet, MN by calling 218-451-2116.